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How to Write a Winning Proposal as a Ghostwriter

One of the most important aspects of being a successful ghostwriter is finding the right gigs and landing them. The secret to this is being able to write a winning proposal. There are different rules and regulations depending on which freelance marketplace you use, but here are some guidelines that should help you secure some […]

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How to Protect Yourself as a Writer

There are a number of important ways you can protect yourself as a writer in order to have a profitable career – without getting your work stolen, and getting properly paid for it. These tips should help even new writers protect themselves. 1. Use a Recognized Freelance Marketplace When looking for writing assignments, use sites […]

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How to Gain Experience as a Ghostwriter

There are a number of ways to gain experience as a ghostwriter. These skills are in high demand, so if you are organized and approach this new career opportunity in a professional manner, you should soon see an increase in income, and a growing reputation as a talented and reliable ghostwriter. What Is a Ghostwriter? […]

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