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How to Promote Your Home and Service Businesses.

Everybody is a sales person, I know, I know, you do not agree, but hear me out on this. Everyone in one way or the other is selling themselves, the student needs to sell themselves in their presentations, the worker…

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Social Media Advertising Techniques – 5 Tips To Use On Your Ads

With the increase in advertising cost such as pay per click, cost per lead and the rise in price of buy list, every marketer is looking for ways to decrease his or her advertising cost budget. In this article we…

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Marketing Tips – Finding A Great Mentor to help you grow….

Do you have a mentor? Do you think you need one? Who is a mentor and what do they do? What Aristotle to Alexander the Great? 2,300 years ago, Alexander the great conquered the known world. By the time he…

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Become a Social Media Influencer and Drive Traffic to your Website

One of the best means of driving web traffic to your website, fan page, blog etc is through social media. This has become popular because of the ease with which people can sign up and participate in them. Posting pictures…

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