Finding the Hero Within You

If you are looking for ways to be inspired or to revive your dreams then keep reading.

For the longest time, we have been told to study hard, work hard, and basically prioritize our career over everything else so that we can experience some semblance of happiness. Then society dictates that we need a respectable job to have a great life and go retirement. We have been told 9 to 5 is the way to going this today’s society. We hear this message throughout our lives and it has made a dramatic impact on us all.

Many of us believe we are left with no choice but to jump on the bandwagon and keep on running. We can be likened to hamsters that simply go through the daily monotony with no questions asked. Then, we keep our true dreams locked inside for fear that some people may not believe us or laugh at our absurdity. What price do we pay for conformity? We lose a great part of ourselves simply because we want to fit this ideal mold that everyone thinks is proper.

The good news is, we no longer have to take the road that everyone uses. So many people have lost their jobs in the face of this recent economic downturn. Now is the chance to pursue our dreams, to answer our calling. This inner yearning comes from deep within the core of who we are as a person. Living this dream would bring us a genuine sense of well-being. When we do what we truly enjoy, we live more in the present. We may not make enough money with this type of career, but we enjoy it and live without any regret.

The secret to happiness is to become courageous and follow what we truly want. If we have the talent and the ability to sustain that dream, why not go for it? The world of today glamorizes certain lifestyles and careers. Reality says otherwise, however. We know that things are just different from what we see on television. The key to enjoying life is to stand strong and to not let what others think influence our final decision. This is where our inner strength takes the wheel because we shouldn’t let the views of others affect our search for fulfillment.

We also must bear in mind that following our dream doesn’t mean that we will always enjoy every moment of it. There will be times that we will be required to do things that we do not love. However, in the end, we get what we want. Life in itself is a surprise, and we may find ourselves being thrown a few surprises along the way.

Following our dream does not always mean that we will experience an overall sense of satisfaction, but this is far better than ignoring our inner cravings and putting them off until it never actually happens. Our fantasies may sometimes be outside our comfort zone but we have to learn to cement our decision just to make ourselves truly happy with how our life has turned out.

We must realize the master plan that is in store for each one of us. Though it requires conscious effort, we get to spend the rest of our lives without regret. Why? Because this is what and how it was meant to be. That simple! The seeds have been sown deep in our hearts and minds, and it is our job to reap the benefits of what we planted. By following what we truly desire, not only do we please ourselves, but we are also uplifting the spirit of the entire humanity!



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