Shoot for the Skies and reach your goals fastest……..

How do you reach your goals NOW? First, you need to decide on what you want to change and write them down. Keep the note and fill the note out with possible solutions. You need to clearly state your purpose and announce what you desire. Then, you have to write down your strategy. Ask yourself what can happen if some old habits continue to persist.  Once you have strong enough reasons, you are more driven to end it or begin one that is beneficial for you. Identify the pattern and change those certain aspects. Avoid situations wherein you are forced to revert back to your old ways.

It is important to know that life always has a way of serving your wants and needs.  The universe becomes your personal ally when you strive to achieve all your dreams. But it can only nudge destiny towards our way, the rest of the climb rests on your shoulders. Never welcome the thought of quitting. In fact, if you only trust in your abilities, you will see things naturally fall into place.

A dream is like a wish that lives in your brain. It is something you would like but have no action plan to do something about it. A goal, on the other hand, could mean almost the same thing but it resides both in your head and heart. It is what drives you to do what it takes to acquire it. Your goal is your blueprint, your action plan to acquire your dreams. Goal setting is an extremely powerful practice that will bring about positive changes. It can help you succeed in every aspect and improve any area of your life in which you choose to implement your skills. Mastering these basic but powerful techniques can bring positives changes if you just open your mind to it. Look at your goals as a blueprint, no respectable architect will ever break ground without first having a detailed blueprint. To get to where you want, you must know where that is before you start. Change today, stop being stagnant, and start goal setting.

What exactly is SMART goal-setting? The word is actually an acronym for the following:

S – Specific

M- Measurable

A- Action Focused

R- Realistic

T- Time Limited

Evidence shows that goals are more often achieved when written down with specific details, have detailed actions for achieving, are realistic but challenging and have a deadline. Following this type of practice will instantly begin to help other areas of self improvement. One good way is to start a goal journal that you read several times a day. Track your progress and mark off goals that you’ve achieved. Lastly, stay positive by reading positive books, engaging in positive conversations, getting assistance with those who can really help. Don’t let negativity stand in the way of what you really want. Persevere and overcome your fears and obstacles no matter what.

Make sure to keep a time schedule and it is important to have set days for review. This is very important so that you can tick off the goals you have achieved and measure your progress. This also serves to inspire you to try even harder. Plus, you can make adjustments. After all, your needs change when your life changes. There is no such thing as a perfect life. There will always be something that you want. Look forward to the changes and see it as a chance to become a bigger and better person.


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