Facebook Ads – Steps To Choosing The Right Image For Your Ads.

One of the most important areas of creating your Facebook ad is the choosing the image. Your images can actually make or break your ad. When you are choosing your Facebook ad images you should keep the following in mind.

1. People like to click on an image of a person. A friendly face seems inviting and is known to work very well on Facebook. This is even more true when the image is of a person that people are familiar with. For example, a picture of the spokesperson for your company.

2. People like to click on video play buttons. Whenever a person sees an image with a video play button on it, they tend to click it. For ads that are going to redirect to YouTube or another video host, this is pure gold!

3. You never want to ask a lot of questions. Most times it is better to be direct. If you are running an ad that uses images don’t also ask a question in the ad copy. If you ask too many questions viewers are going to pass by your ad.

4. Don’t over think your ads and try to be too clever. Be funny, be witty, but never make a joke unless you are positive that everyone is going to understand it.

5. Always keep your ads simple. Remember that your ad is exactly 100 x 72 pixels (WxT). When you have small images or graphics, try to minimize the color. If you select the wrong image it will often look messy and that will stop viewers from clicking on it.

6. Ads that use all caps do not appeal to viewers. What is appealing is when your product/service handles a problem/need that the viewer has. When you are advertising items from your store having a discount, such as 25% off, don’t use an image. Use a discount ad to motivate your viewers. This also works when you are giving away something for free.

7. You need to always be on top of your Facebook ads. Take note of the look of your ad. Look at ads done by professional social media experts like Frank Kern or Neil Patel. Does your ad measure up? Study well performing ads being displayed on the right side of your Facebook page as you scroll Facebook. Remember if the ads are not getting results they will not be running.


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